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Dear loyal Diamond Customers.
We apologize for the amount of backorders, and items being out of stock. Unfortunately the port where our shipments come in is on strike, and it is next to impossible to get our product.
In this mess we have 2 containers of product, and one more container of product on a boat that is waiting to dock.
Note vessels at anchor in background and the trucks at the bottom trying to deliver/pickup containers:
SP Series Lightning Protection

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The X700HNA is BACK!!

SD330 HF Screwdriver Antenna

HF Screwdriver Mobile Antenna!
Electric auto 3.5-30 MHz.

SP Series Lightning Protection

SP Series
New Lightning Arresters!

Slim Gainer Series

New Mobile Antennas!
New Mobile Antennas.

MGC50 Through/Window door cable set

W735 and W8010
New Long Wire Dipole Antennas

New Monoband Antennas

Monoband Antennas!
New monoband antennas

GZV6000 60 Amp Power Supply
60 Amp Power Supply


HT Antennas
New HT Antennas from Diamond

D3000N Wideband Discone Antenna

HF Trapped Dipole.

MR Series Magnet/Antenna combos
Dualband Magnet/Antenna Combos

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