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The X700HNA is BACK!!

SD330 HF Screwdriver Antenna

HF Screwdriver Mobile Antenna!
Electric auto 3.5-30 MHz.

SP Series Lightning Protection

SP Series
New Lightning Arresters!

Slim Gainer Series

New Mobile Antennas!
New Mobile Antennas.

MGC50 Through/Window door cable set

W735 and W8010
New Long Wire Dipole Antennas

New Monoband Antennas

Monoband Antennas!
New monoband antennas

GZV6000 60 Amp Power Supply
220MHz Base Antennas
New 1-1/4m Base Antennas!


HT Antennas
New HT Antennas from Diamond

D3000N Wideband Discone Antenna

HF Trapped Dipole.

MR Series Magnet/Antenna combos
Dualband Magnet/Antenna Combos

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Diamond® Antennas are sold through authorized dealers.
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