Accessories – Cable Assemblies

Model # Description
C101-3/8C Replacement cable assembly for K400-3/8C
C101-3/8C-KIT Upgrades any K400 mount to a K400-3/8C.
C101 6.5' coax, SO-239 base.
C101NMO 6.5' coax, NMO base.
C104SMA 4' extension cable with SMA.
C105SMA 5' extension cable with SMA.
C110 10' extension for C101 and C101NMO.
C110BNC 10' extension for C101 and C101NMO with BNC.
C110SMA 10' extension for C101 with SMA.
C211 Extension cable combo – C101 + C110 extension cable.
C213SMA 13.5' coax with SO-239 base.
C213SNMO 13.5' with NMO.

Speicalty Cable Sets

MGC50 Through Window/Door Cable Set


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