CR320A Triband Mobile Antenna

CR320BNMO Triband Mobile Antenna

The CR320A is the ideal antenna for FM operation on 2 meter, 1-1/4 meter (220), and 70-cm bands.

Special Features:

Black finish
UHF mount
Fold-over hinge
Multi-band operation

Bands: 2m/1-1/4m/70cm
Gain dB: 2.15/3.8/5.5
Max Power Rating: 200/100/200
Length: 37.4"
Mount: UHF
Element Phasing: 2m/1/4l/1-1/4m/1/2l/70cm/2-5/8l

For multi-band operation use Diamond's K-Series UHF antenna mounts and MX324 or MX324D triplexer. Not recommended for magnet mount. Grounding required.

Also available in NMO.

Assembly Instructions

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